About Us


Churchill Pictures was founded by two childhood friends that grew up in Churchill Borough, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Jared Bajoras and Damiano Fusca began collaborating on their first feature film in 2007 ‘Deference’ winner of the Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival in 2012. The Pittsburgh based crime drama was made with a ten thousand dollar budget as family and friends produced locations and other resources to help make the movie. Through the years Churchill Pictures have put together a number of short films and comedy sketches as well as mini-documentaries. In 2016, Bajoras and Fusca embarked on another feature film project ‘The Unsung’ a production that united a group of talented filmmakers who delivered the project on time and under budget. Currently in the film festival circuit, ‘The Unsung’ continues to help move Churchill Pictures forward in 2020 as pre-production begins for the next feature film project, a four-part documentary story of a territory wrestling league in the mid-nineteen eighties entitled ‘The Marks’.

A brief history of Churchill Pictures: Jared's Perspective