What's Real Podcast: Episode 12: The Corona Episode

Churchill Pictures • 02:42:37

What's real this week ladies and gentlemen?! It's a certified fresh episode 12 of the "What's Real? podcast with Ed, Jared, and Cam. This week starts off with some serious discussion on the current pandemic we are all experiencing. The guys take it back to entertaining, hopefully giving our listener's a little escape from all the craziness. This week starts off with a HUGE pro wrestling segment. This includes an update on Wrestlemania 36, a talk on the latest "Smoking Skull Sessions" with guest Bret Hart, a review of the "Network" docuseries on "Ruthless Aggression", and some old school pro wrestling "tape trading" talk. The show rolls along with some sports talk as the guys discuss the end of the XFL and the latest NFL trades and free agency. The guys take it home with a review of the Netflix film "Spencer Confidential", the long-awaited new album from Jay Electronica and a hilarious "Goofs Are Goofs" segment. Stay healthy and enjoy the show!

(Produced by Cam Haldeman)

Music Credit: Gang Starr "What's Real" 2019