What's Real Podcast: Episode 27: The Last Ride

Churchill Pictures • 2:33:14

Hello everyone! Welcome back to a brand new episode of the "What's Real?" podcast with Ed, Jared, and producer Cam! This week the guys continue to do what they do and dissect a ton of different topics. The show starts off with the usual "small talk" banter, and leads into the start of the show, with some pro sports talk starring Cam Newton and Tom Brady. Pro wrestling is up next with a brief talk on Wednesday's "NXT: Great American Bash" and how the pro wrestling industry is handling Covid-19. Then it's a HUGE marathon on the career of the legendary Undertaker! This segment is driven by the recent WWE Network docuseries, "The Last Ride". We then move on to a fun segment that the guys will cover throughout the month of July. Ed and Jared take on the "30 Day Film Challenge"! This week covers days 1 through 7. As always the show heads home with our traditional segments. First up is "Thursday Night Prime" with Michael Dudikoff as an "American Ninja" from 1985. We wrap things up with some "GRG". Enjoy the show!

(Produced by Cam Haldeman)

Music Credit: Gang Starr "What's Real" 2019