What's Real Podcast: Episode 61: We Got A Story To Tell

Churchill Pictures • 2:35:59

Welcome to the 61st episode of the "What's Real?" podcast! It's another jam-packed, entertaining ride with Ed, Jared, and Cam! The opening "variety hour" this week covers the latest CDC press release, RIP to legendary pro wrestling promoter Jim Crockett, the WWE Network/Peacock merger, a follow up to the Nike "resell scandal" story, a "Sneaker Check" and some more sneaker talk, Dak Prescott's new deal, the "Justice League Snyder Cut" leak, and the original "Real World" reunion show. Next on the slate is a review of the Netflix documentary "Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell". A celebration of "Wrestlemania" is next. It's week one of the "WR?" "Best Matches of Wrestlemania" extravaganza. The pro wrestling talk continues in the next segment with a full breakdown of "AEW: Revolution 2021". The most explosive podcast segment of all time returns this week, it's "Thursday Night Prime"! The return covers the awesome documentary "In Search of the Last Action Heroes". As always, the show heads home with some goofs. Enjoy responsibly and thanks for listening!


  • 0:00:00 - Intro: CDC Press Release, RIP to Jim Crockett, WWE Network/Peacock Merger, Nike Resell Scandal, Dak Prescott's new deal, and much more
  • 0:52:42 - Review: "Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell"
  • 1:09:19 - "Best Matches of Wrestlemania" Extravaganza
  • 1:40:22 - Breakdown of "AEW: Revolution 2021"
  • 2:05:43 - Thursday Night Prime: "In Search of the Last Action Heroes" (2019)
  • 2:26:38 - Goofs R Goofs

(Produced by Cam Haldeman)

Music Credit: Gang Starr "What's Real" 2019