What's Real Podcast: Episode 71

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to the insane world of the "What's Real?" podcast! Join Ed, Jared, and Cam for all the modern and past pop culture fun! This week the opening "Variety Hour" covers the sad passing of ECW wrestling legend New Jack (Jerome Young), Lanny Poffo's opinions on the A&E "Macho Man Biography", a quick review of "WWE Wrestlemania Backlash 21", the 2021 NBA Hall of Fame, and the retirement of legendary broadcaster Marv Albert. The show moves on with a full review of "WWE on A&E Biography: Shawn Michaels". Next up the guys head back on down the road to the drive-in. This week's "Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs" double feature covers Nic Cage in "Mandy" and the 1981 cult classic "Dead and Buried". The pro wrestling talk continues with the latest trip to the "Darkside of the Ring''. It's "The Ultra-Violence of Nic Gage"! As always the show wraps with some lightheartedness and some "Goofs R' Goofs"! Thanks for listening and enjoy responsibly./p>


  • 0:00:00 Intro: Passing of EWC's New Jack, Lanny Poffo reacts to the A&E Macho Man Biography, Review of Wrestlemania Backlash 21, 2021 NBA Hall of Fame, Retirement of Broadcaster Marv Albert
  • 0:56:18 Review: WWE on A&E Biography: Shawn Michaels
  • 1:30:57 Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs: "Mandy" (2018) and "Dead and Buried (1981)
  • 1:54:58 "Darkside of the Ring" Wrestling Talk
  • 2:13:30 - Goofs R Goofs
  • 2:22:04 - Excerpt from Episode 15 New Jack's "Darkside of the Ring" episode

(Produced by Cam Haldeman)

Music Credit: Gang Starr "What's Real" 2019